Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Rundown



The To-do List:
Today will be spent shopping for gifts. Three days till Christmas and I have bought nothing at all, too caught up in schoolwork.

Today I'm trawling the mall in search of a birthday present for my good friend Spencer (her first name is Maria but I call her Spencer/Spence). I've known Spence for over a decade and have been going to her birthday parties for almost as long. We've moved from all-girl elementary school parties that ended in the early evening to more grown up mixed celebrations where we actually closed the place down (we moved to the place across the street and carried on with the celebration).

Spencer is a wonderful gift giver and has the distinction of being the only person who tells me what she wants for her birthday. I do the same with her. She's recently gotten more into fashion and dressing up. This year she told me quote "I want to test your fashion skills and see if you can pick out a shirt/blouse for me." In the words of Barney Stintson, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!! Hence I'm going on a mall trawl. Wish me luck!

Also on the to-do list
  • gifts for family, friends
  • I'm hoping to find a great pair of heels
  • Fingers crossed I find a dress too. I have 4 parties to go to in the next 4 days. They're annual parties so outfit planning must be done with care to insure I don't repeat outfits from last year at the same event.
  • Maybe a haircut, my locks need some love
  • But first THE GIFTS!
Happy Thoughts
  1. Wrapping presents
  2. Eating ice cream and talking with my grandmother who loves ice cream too. She told me in her youth she and her sister once ordered a tub each and the waiter looked at them in shock.
  3. Dancing around to fun music.
  4. McD's for dinner last night with my younger brother and his friend Mica (who's also our Aunt)! Yes, my Aunt is younger than me. I can relate to Joe (Tom Hanks) from You've got Mail! Hee, Hee! Incidentally I love that movie.
  5. The Holiday Season: the decorations, the music, people exchanging greetings, the buzz. LOVE!!!!

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ANN said...

Good luck!! :) These photos are lovely


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