Saturday, December 18, 2010

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Images via Holy Relics, Lovebot, The Sartorialist (October 21, 2009 On the Street....Friends, Paris), We Heart It, Holy Relics, Mary's Blog, We Heart It

Sunshiny Thoughts
  1. Christmas break draws nearer. That top photo just seems so festive to me.
  2. Visiting and playing with some really cute sick kids. The children's ward was all decked out for Christmas, so that was nice since some might be there on Christmas day.
  3. Helping my high school senior younger sister and her friend get ready for a party.
  4. She and I laughing about the fun times of high school parties when she came home at the end of the night.
  5. Staying up even later and helping prepare a meal for and talk with my older brother about random stuff.
  6. Ian Somerhalder is awesome as Damon Salvatore.
  7. The Big Bang Theory makes me laugh.
  8. Getting to SLEEP!!


Glenda C said...

nice photos

Anonymous said...

i loved these, it made me smile :D


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