Sunday, January 29, 2012


Have a lovely lazy Sunday. 
Here are some photos of the Pacific Ocean and the Bohol Sea that get me in a relaxed mood.

First Photo via Oracle Fox

Friday, January 27, 2012

Happy Little Things

Yesterday, while running errands I  passed by a flower shop and saw a guy buying a large bouquet of flowers. It just put a smile on my face knowing someone out there was about to be surprised. 

Image via Weheartit

Thursday, January 26, 2012

One Direction: Menswear Done Right

I really would love to know who stylists One Direction work with because I LOVE the looks they're sporting! It's menswear the way I like it. I'd loved if more guys dressed like this, only problem being that I live in the tropics so perhaps only picture number 2 will apply and those suits if they were going to prom or some formal event with air conditioning. Ah well! I still love this style of menswear

Also my current favorite One Direction song which I have been playing over and over.

Images via Vid81, Muzu, My Bliss, The Coventry Telegraph, Metro and The Sun

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Note: This a repost of an entry I wrote on my old blog in 2009 when I was still at University. I stumbled across it recently and thought it worth sharing here.

July 17th 2009

My Mom told me this last night. 

After Andy Roddick lost to Roger Federer at Wimbledon he was interviewed by The Times (June 14, 2009) and asked How difficult has it been to have won one grand slam in 2003 (US Open) and not have won one since? 

His response was "You know, I sometimes feel like I have too much perspective for my own good because my worst day is a lot of people’s dream, so to sit here and say I live this life of constant disappointment is ridiculous. And I know a lot better than that. I look at the body of work and I think I’m 10 matches away from 500 wins. But certainly I’m hungry. I still want that second slam.” 

That little anecdote brought me some perspective in the middle of the deluge of work from school because it reminded me of this Article in Good Housekeeping. It's about the Central Asian Institute founder Greg Mortenson and his daughter Amira. Their mission is to build schools for children in Pakistan and Afghanistan particularly girls, who want to go to school but can't because their family, situation, religion or government does not believe in providing an equal education for women.  These women sometimes risk their lives for an education, and dream of going to college. I should have nothing to complain about, my worst day is someone else's dream. 

Another lighter moment of perspective came today during Western Lit Class. 

My Professor Dr. Ruiz, is 70 years old. During today's quiz I mispelled the answer to the question, that asked: What plant did Hermes give Odysseus to ward of Circe's enchantment? The answer was Moly. The paper even mentioned that the answer was 4 letters. My dyslexic brain wrote "Molly." UGH! After class I stayed to ask him if wrong spelling would count. His response "Hija, hija, life is too short to worry about 1 "L" or two." 

:) It really is.

Update: Time Magazine published an article on Mortenson that I think should also be read to get a fairer picture of the book he wrote and  his management of CAI.

Photo of Andy Roddick

Children's Books

I love children's books. I love the whimsy and possibility they have, how they shine with positivity and beautiful illustrations. Gabrielle Blair of Design Mom has a feature on her blog where she interviews children's book authors and I love the thoughtful answers they give. My favorite interview so far has been the author Dallas Clayton. I loved his answers and words of encouragement. Here are some below.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Beautiful Libraries

I've always loved libraries. They're a great place to get work done, to chill, and when I was at University the lib (as it was called by the students) was a great place to sleep during long breaks. I remember taking a tour of the lib as an incoming freshman and being blown away. I had never seen an entire building or two devoted to just books. I remember walking down a long row of books simply thrilled at its length. Once I became a univeristy student it ceased to blow me away and I got quite used to the idea of buildings filled with books. But then I saw these photos from Knstrct and was once again reminded of the beauty of libraries and great architecture.

Stockholm Public Library/ Ollvier Charles

Livraria da Villa/ Isay Weinfeld.

Selexyz Dominicanen/ In Maastricht

The Law Library of Munich
Doesn't it remind you a little of the library in Beauty and the Beast?

See more photos of amazing libraries here.

All photos via Knstrct

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I think you can have anything that you want. Find someone who has a life that you want and figure out how they got it. Read books. Figure out what you’re passionate about. Pick your role models wisely. Find out what they did and do it.
Lana Del Rey (Vogue Weekend)

Source Rosie

A Tribute To Friends

I found these statements from Kate Spade over at Tulips and Flight Suits. I loved them and started thinking of which of my friends they matched.






All images via  Tulips and Flight Suits

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I think I link you

I'm sure you know that feeling when you discover a new site that interests you and gets you all excited that you keep browsing through the older posts to see more good reads or lovely pictures.  I would like to share a few good ones I've been going back to. 

The online pinboard is your very nifty online inspiration wall.

Craft magazine has always given me a lot of DIY inspiration.

Oh Happy Day! makes me wanna decorate for all occasions.

Interesting reads through  Pinoy Perspectives.

My Inspiration Pictures for the week

via Weheartit

Monday, January 16, 2012

2 Years to Cheer!

Today is the 2 year anniversary of our blog. Two years of blogging about what we love, what inspires us and what makes us happy. We hope that you all are doing things you love too!

Get Your Heart On!

My friend Carla is one of the most talented people I know gifted with skills in photography, web design and on her way to becoming an architect. She designed our current header above and is my go to girl for all things html and design related.

She's also a very supportive of my small baking business and always willing to give me good PR, which I will always be grateful for. Recently she photographed some red velvet cupcakes I whipped up in preparation for Valentine's. I figure it's high time I return the favor of all her great publicity. Valentine's is less than a month away and Carla  is selling some super cute Valentine's cards she designed. That would be great to write a special note on or to send together with a sweet gift to the people you love and cherish. They cost PHP 25.00 for one and PHP120.00. for a set of six. Click here to order.

She also has some lovely travel themed cards. My particular favorite is the set called Monochrome City, which consists of black and white shots of the city of Paris (the city of love). Don't they seem perfect for sticking on the wall above your desk or in your room to keep you in a wanderlusty mood, to inspire you or to pick you up when your feeling blue?

P.S. In the spirit of love check out this cute website What Makes Love True. It's filled with photos and stories of couples and how they fell in love.  

All photos by Carla.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Mi famiglia


is followed by this

Friday, January 6, 2012


This video made me smile. The title says it all. 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

TV Shipping

I have a confession. I can't wait for later this week with the return of some of my favorite shows. My current favorites are the CW's The Vampire Diaries, The Secret Circle and Hart of Dixie, alongside ABC's Once Upon A Time.

Apart from the engaging plots (The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle) and witty dialogue (Hart of Dixie) I love watching the couple dynamics that are going on. I also love the creative and sometimes funny couple nicknames. Who couples are you rooting for this season? These are mine.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Kate Forrester

I love the calligraphy and design aesthetic of illustrator Kate Forrester. Her illustrations are dreamy and give off such a happy and whimsical vibe. 

All images are property of Kate Forrester. 
Sourced via her website (1, 24) and blog (3)


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