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Note: This a repost of an entry I wrote on my old blog in 2009 when I was still at University. I stumbled across it recently and thought it worth sharing here.

July 17th 2009

My Mom told me this last night. 

After Andy Roddick lost to Roger Federer at Wimbledon he was interviewed by The Times (June 14, 2009) and asked How difficult has it been to have won one grand slam in 2003 (US Open) and not have won one since? 

His response was "You know, I sometimes feel like I have too much perspective for my own good because my worst day is a lot of people’s dream, so to sit here and say I live this life of constant disappointment is ridiculous. And I know a lot better than that. I look at the body of work and I think I’m 10 matches away from 500 wins. But certainly I’m hungry. I still want that second slam.” 

That little anecdote brought me some perspective in the middle of the deluge of work from school because it reminded me of this Article in Good Housekeeping. It's about the Central Asian Institute founder Greg Mortenson and his daughter Amira. Their mission is to build schools for children in Pakistan and Afghanistan particularly girls, who want to go to school but can't because their family, situation, religion or government does not believe in providing an equal education for women.  These women sometimes risk their lives for an education, and dream of going to college. I should have nothing to complain about, my worst day is someone else's dream. 

Another lighter moment of perspective came today during Western Lit Class. 

My Professor Dr. Ruiz, is 70 years old. During today's quiz I mispelled the answer to the question, that asked: What plant did Hermes give Odysseus to ward of Circe's enchantment? The answer was Moly. The paper even mentioned that the answer was 4 letters. My dyslexic brain wrote "Molly." UGH! After class I stayed to ask him if wrong spelling would count. His response "Hija, hija, life is too short to worry about 1 "L" or two." 

:) It really is.

Update: Time Magazine published an article on Mortenson that I think should also be read to get a fairer picture of the book he wrote and  his management of CAI.

Photo of Andy Roddick

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