Monday, January 16, 2012

Get Your Heart On!

My friend Carla is one of the most talented people I know gifted with skills in photography, web design and on her way to becoming an architect. She designed our current header above and is my go to girl for all things html and design related.

She's also a very supportive of my small baking business and always willing to give me good PR, which I will always be grateful for. Recently she photographed some red velvet cupcakes I whipped up in preparation for Valentine's. I figure it's high time I return the favor of all her great publicity. Valentine's is less than a month away and Carla  is selling some super cute Valentine's cards she designed. That would be great to write a special note on or to send together with a sweet gift to the people you love and cherish. They cost PHP 25.00 for one and PHP120.00. for a set of six. Click here to order.

She also has some lovely travel themed cards. My particular favorite is the set called Monochrome City, which consists of black and white shots of the city of Paris (the city of love). Don't they seem perfect for sticking on the wall above your desk or in your room to keep you in a wanderlusty mood, to inspire you or to pick you up when your feeling blue?

P.S. In the spirit of love check out this cute website What Makes Love True. It's filled with photos and stories of couples and how they fell in love.  

All photos by Carla.


Carla said...

Thanks for this, haha! :D I'm honored. :D

Caddy said...

But of course! Your one of the most creative people I know! :)


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