Saturday, February 4, 2012

Never Regret Staying Home With A Good Book: Sunday's At Tiffany's

I read a James Patterson book for the first time last year while I was in Italy. Rosie and I were in the small resort town of Masalubrense on the southern coast. Our hotel was a simple family run place. Our room had nice white walls that caught the light and a balcony that overlooked a citrus orchard. But we happened to be there during Halloween and All Saints day, a holiday in Italy. The town was quiet and closed up. After walking around in the early evening past closed up shops and running into very few people, we retreated back to the hotel lobby where there was wifi and took turns using Rosie's ipad. 

While it was Rosie's turn I wandered over to bookshelf next to the front desk filled with random books in different languages (possibly left behind by previous vacationers?). I picked up Kill Me If You Can by James Patterson and began to read. I was a bit put off by some of the sentence construction and character development but the chapters kept ending with cliff hangers and I kept reading. There wasn't much else do and over all it was an easy and entertaining read, no deep thinking required, perfect for holiday reading. I finished the book within the two nights we were there. 

Sunday's at Tiffany's, is the second Patterson book I've read. It's written together with Gabrielle Charbonnet and is another easy and light book. I started reading it after seeing the latter half of the adapted Lifetime movie.

It centers around a lonely young girl, 8 year old Jane Margaux who lives with her successful broadway producer mother, who has little time for her. Jane's one friend is a sweet, funny well-mannered man named Michael, but he's imaginary. On Jane's ninth birthday Michael explains to her that he must leave as all imaginary friends do. Fast forward 23 years later and Jane has written a smash hit play about a lonely little girl and her imaginary friend. She's dating a gorgeous actor and is in the middle of turning her play into a movie when she runs into Michael, who's still as kind, charming and funny as ever. But not even Michael can understand why they've been reunited.

Sunday's At Tiffany's is a light, easy read, perfect for a weekend of lounging at home. 

The movie stars Alyssa Milano.

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Carla said...

OH! This was showing last week on either HBO or Star. It was actually pretty cute. :) I didn't know it was based on a book.

Caddy said...

It's a cute movie and the book is good too. Give it a shot! :D


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