Saturday, February 27, 2010

Summer Sandals and Hair

When I was in first grade I had jelly sandals like these. They were popular back then, my friend Pamela had them in so many different colors.

Lately, I've been thinking more about getting another pair, maybe in red. I just can't help but think they'll go great with sun dresses and casual summer wear. The Polyvore blog did a great post on how to wear jelly sandals now.

I like this look (above) the best. I'd definitely pair mine with a summer print skirt or dress.

Other things I'm loving right now include braided hair and headbands.

Photo source: A Cup of Jo

I've always loved that braid in her hair and the pose she's striking in this ad for Joe's.


fashion doll said...

hey cool blog!!
comment back!!!

Anonymous said...

Love this ad! It always makes my day when I see them on the billboards around the city!

Teresa said...

Oh yes, bring back the jelly sandals! I might have to check out my local flea markets for some cheap ones!


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