Sunday, February 14, 2010


This is one of, if not my FAVORITE fashion advertisement EVER!! (Ferragamo S/S 2006) It's a bit old I remember first coming across it in high school. BUT I LOVE IT STILL!!! After a computer crash a few years back I hunted all over the Internet to find this image. I love how she's looking at him and he's looking at the camera confident in his posture yet pensive and gentle in his facial expression.

If I had to think up a love story based on this picture it would have a long distance love element. Hence, I think these quotes would accurately capture the feelings of the couple for one another.

Happy Valentine's Day Everybody. May your day be filled with love.


divine bunny said...

thank yoU!

you too you too!

Betsy said...

Amazing post!!! BLOG!!!

Walk The Sand said...

Love that first image at the aeroplane windows.
Great post.


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