Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hearts All Over the World


I love Valentine's Day! I don't think it's a holiday for couples at all for me its all about celebrating love in your life. In high school my friend Tina and I would team up to give all our other friends Valentine's. It's always fun! :D

Here are a couple of Valentine's themed things you might like.


Peonies are such pretty flowers. I'd prefer them to roses who's scent I'm not fond of.

cookie cutters,valentines,hearts,love

Bake up some love themed cookies with these handy Wilton cookie cutters.

valentines,hearts,chole sevigny,opening ceremony,sunglasses

Take the time to see the world through rose colored lenses.


Wear your heart on your feet with these cute shoe clips.
Their transferrable to other surfaces as well.

perfume,miss dior cherie,fashion

Smell like a sweetheart.

valentines,holographic glasses

It's hearts all over the world with these holographic glasses that turn all point of light to hearts! I own a similar pair and they're great fun. Try wearing a pair in the car at night. Trippy!
Check them out here!


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1 comment:

Carla said...

OH! Happy Valentine's Day, you guys! :D It's so true that the holiday shouldn't be just for couples, but for everyone to celebrate love! :D

*spreads cyber hearts*



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